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The Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery Festival made its debut in 2018, on September 14, 15 and 16. Over the weekend, more than 1,800 people circulated around the Juquery Hospital Complex to take advantage of the artistic program that occupied the place.


Among the attractions designed especially for Juquery, the festival featured an unprecedented exhibition of part of the collection of the Museu Osório César, curated by the employees of the Hospital Complex itself, and a surprise presentation by the musician Ranulpho Alves, cultural icon of Franco da Rocha, known for honoring Juquery in his songs.


As part of the festival, the first edition of the artistic residency Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery preceded the event and received 5 artists * who lived in Juquery for ten days. From this meeting, powerful works emerged, which could be seen by the public over the three days of programming, and the itinerant exhibition "DISCOVERIES: Looks from an artistic residence in Juquery", via the call for proposals from the Cultural Association of Support to the Casa de Portinari Museum ( ACAM Portinari) in partnership with the São Paulo State Museum System (SISEM-SP).


Conceived and produced by Trapézio Produções Culturais, the 1st Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery was organized by the Cultural Action Program (ProAC) and the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Leisure by Franco da Rocha and supported by the Juquery Hospital Complex.


Were at the festival:

* Artists selected for the 1st Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery Artistic Residence: Cris Proença, Edmar Almeida, Isabel Bei, Marcelo Bressanin and Marilia Vasconcellos.

* Visual artists: Fernando Limberger, Lucas Bambozzi, Tiago Navas, Victor Leguy

* Sound artists: Massonettos, Embatucadores, Clownrinetas

* Body artists: Girandolá, Lorena Lobato, Carolina Berger, Edmar Almeida

* Films: Bicho de Sete Cabeças, We're Together, Madrigal For A Living Poet, Calm

* Workshops: Gabriela Serfaty, Marília Vasconcellos, Leonardo Chagas


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The 2nd Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery took place from 19 to 22 September 2019, with support from Oi and Oi Futuro, through Proac ICMS, from the Franco da Rocha City Hall, Goethe-Institut, Cingulado, Poiesis and Click Up.

We are a family owned and operated business.

With extended hours, from 10 am to 10 pm, the festival had a total of 68 activities, 308 artists involved, a Solidarity Fair by Franco da Rocha, an educational program aimed at the CAPS public and the creation of a permanent work, by artist Elisa Bracher , which was installed on site. More than 3000 people enjoyed the festival and more than 300 people from CAPS participated in the activities.

This year's festival featured 4 curators: Arturo Gamero, visual arts and artist residency; Decio 7, of sound arts; Natalia Machiavelli, body arts; and André Arruda, for local artists - from the five cities in the Juquery Basin: Franco da Rocha, Francisco Morato, Caieiras, Cajamar and Mairiporã.

A partnership was also made with the Juquery Encantado project, by Mariana and Ricardo Massonetto, for children's and youth programming.

The seminar on culture and health was organized by the Franco da Rocha Department of Culture.

Some artist invitations and presentations were made directly by the festival's direction. In addition, the festival also organized open and free workshops, as well as guided tours with Juquery employees.

The activities that took place at the 2nd Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery:

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Visual arts:
Xiloceasa, Pedro França, Juliana Jardim, Luiz Pimentel and exhibition of works from the Juquery collection, created by resident patients

Sound arts:
Feminine Hi Fi, Pancho Trackman, Dj Nato, group Rimadores do Wagão Wutremclan, Victorian and their ensemble - "To Keep Madness Stable", groups of Charangas - "Charanga do França invites Wild Cornucopia and Fanfare Manada", Ranulpho Faria and guests, such as the Caieiras Symphony Orchestra and the Massonettos; Mangangá, Chaos no Subúrbio, Bloco da Casa Velha.

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Body Arts:
"Delirios do unconciente", by the group Ciaenty Cinema; "Pachamama", with Rafael de Palma; "Altamira 2042", by Cia Corpo Rastreado; "Paracy, the mothers of the river", by Bruna Carvalho and Rafaela Maya; "Other Doors, Other Bridges", by the Sansacroma Group; "Tarot dos Loucos", by Eduardo Henrique Bartolomeu; "O Manto" by Lilian Borges; "Causos do Juquery", with Ednaldo Carmo; "Eu-Você", by Swiss artists Claudia and Isabelle Barth; "O Alienista", by Machado de Assis, with Ana Moraes and Denise Aires

Guided tour "Knowing Juquery", with employees of the complex

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Graffiti with Fabiana Binak; Heritage Conservation, with Mirza Pellicciotta and Fabio Di Mauro; "Creation of artist glasses: new ways of seeing the world", with artist Marco Piantan; "The printed landscape: time-body", with Amora Julia, artist from the region; Woodcut, with the group Xiloceasa

Movie theater:
"Stultifera Navis", by Dudu Mafra; "Somos Todos Aqui", by Rafael Mellin and Chico Santos; "Is the City One?", By Adirley Queirós

Launch of the “Juquery Memórias e Sabores” cookbook, carried out by Juquery employees

Culture and Health Seminar:
Living museums and their experiences, with Tenzin Siegfried and Pola Fernandez; Osório Cesar's work, with Regiane Mendes, Mauro Aranha, Raquel Amin and Rosa Cristina Carvalho; Contemporary Care Practices, with Décio Cesarini Jr, Gladys Schincariol, Graziela Kunsch, Raphael Escobar; Presentation of Cultural Workshops, with RAPS workers and users (Psychosocial Care Network)

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Juquery Encantado (children's program):
"Tale of All Colors", by Grupo Girandolá; "Experience of Music and Theater", by Grupo Ateliê Cênico Musical; "Music of the Circle"; Merguyo clown, "O Salto"; "Alumbramento", with Vinicius Mazzon; Workshop "Technique of Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments", with Eder O Rocha; Wind workshop with Thiago França; Workshop "Orquestra Xarabemba", with Gustavo Saulle

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Work of Elisa Bracher

Through the curator Arturo Gamero, we managed to make a permanent work by Elisa Bracher viable at the Complexo Hospitalar do Juquery.

It is a sculpture about 15 meters high, made of galvanized steel, which balances 4 trapezoids, one above the other.

This work inaugurates a new moment in Juquery, with the festival placing itself as a continuous occupation of the space, being now present for many years ahead.