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Based on present issues in the collection from the Museu de Arte Osório César, which has more than 8,000 works produced at Juquery's Psychiatric Hospital, the 2nd Seminar of Culture and Health will bring debates, lectures and artistic presentations with the aim of promoting and bringing together artistic initiatives and medical institutions that work at the confluence of art and mental health care. This year it takes place from September 23rd to 26th, 2020, as part of the program of the 3rd Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery. To follow the recommendations for social distance, it will be carried out and transmitted over the internet, promoting the connection of Brazilian, North American and Swiss experiences, with simultaneous translation into English and Portuguese.

Kaira Marie Cabañas (USA) shares her research on how art produced in asylum contexts was important for the strengthening of art institutions and Brazilian modern art itself. Talking about philosophies of care, representatives of the Juquery Hospital Complex, the Museum of Images of the Unconscious and the Living Museum (USA-Switzerland) present their initiatives. Raquel Fernandes, director of the Bispo do Rosário Contemporary Art Museum, will share the museum's initiatives. Artists who develop their aesthetic research in connection with mental health themes will compose two tables to exchange experiences, culminating in the exhibition of the film “Incomuns”, by Isabela Valent, which portrays inclusive initiatives in the city of São Paulo. Finally, we will have a day dedicated to reflections on life in isolation, with the participation of Paulo Amarante, Pier Paolo Pizzolato, Silvana Jeha, João Queiroz and Abel Luiz. In between the tables, we will have performances by artists and a live participation of the Living Session Band, from the Living Museum (Switzerland).

The seminar is an initiative of the City Hall of Franco da Rocha, sponsored by the Osório César Art Museum, in partnership with the 3rd Soy Loco Por Ti Juquery and the Goethe-Institut.

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Em voo nos queremos_cartaz_A4 (1) (1).jp

09/23 to 10/4

In flight we want

Beth Ziani, Cibele Lucena and Flavia Mielnik


From the question "If you were a bird, what bird would you be?" artists and collaborators from the CAPS network were invited to paint, draw or tell by audio, their birds. The images collected, now turned into posters, take to the streets of Franco da Rocha.


Infos about the process with the materials received.

Betto souza 1.jpeg
Betto souza 1.jpeg

09/23 to 10/4

What the eyes look after

Betto Souza

The verse takes the vehicle of propaganda to expose the emotions of those who read it. And the written word, before always voice, echo senses, feelings "cry smiling". Ten tracks spread between Franco da Rocha and Francisco Morato.

organicidades_marilia vasconcellos_36  (

9/23, 9/27 and 10/3


Marcelo Bressanin

Guest artist Paulo Sandrini

The urban sound intervention Errantes appropriates the frequent association between the ideas of madness, wandering and wandering (among other concepts related to spatial drift) to propose the exhibition of an unprecedented sound piece to be presented in the municipality of Franco da Rocha through cars of sound.


09/23 to 10/4

Decaused stories (re) told door to door

Conpoema | Fabia Pierangeli and Roger Neves

Playful-poetic intervention, which will be carried out by artist educators and cultural producers Fabia Pierangeli and Roger Neves, with and for children living in Franco da Rocha and Francisco Morato. In a game of continuous history made from house to house, stories will be created, from images of works of art from the Museu de Arte Osório Cesar and later distributed, through audio.

postal edmar almeida

from 9/23

Reading the cards in a live: 04/10

Mail Art Juquery, one time calls

Edmar Almeida + employees

The woodcut work "Time passes like an arrow that moves without being noticed", is transformed into postcards. Addressed to homes of Francoroch residents, the action causes the sender to resend information, rethinking current human relations, borders and natures, freedoms and vigilances, connecting these narratives. Postcards create collaborative writing and connectivity with Juquery and the city.



Juquery, Memories in Cordel

Yuquery Dance Company

Iara Alves de Oliveira

“Juquery, memórias em cordel” tells stories of Complexo Hospitalar do Juquery through literary kits that rescue the ancestry and belonging of the residents of the municipality. Through cordel literature, which is part of the popular culture of northeastern Brazil, the stories and characters that built it will be taken to the residents of the city of Franco da Rocha.

odisseia das flores.jpg

09/25, 09/30 and 10/4

Soiree Locoesia

Odyssey of Flowers

We are a family owned and operated business.

Poetry produced from the reinterpretation of the works and sayings of Aurora Cursino dos Santos and Ana David Silva, the group Odisséia das Flores transmits in speakers a circulating poetic gallery, which echoes through the streets of Franco da Rocha.


09/27 and 10/4

When I woke up the circus was gone

The Trapaceros Troupe

The Trapaceros Troupe is proud to present “When I woke up, the circus was already gone”, a dip in our childhood memories of when circuses set up their canvases on the banks of the Juquery River. Music, acrobatics, juggling and clowning. Memories

from a time when a car passed by on our street, with a muffled speaker, saying that the circus had already arrived.



showing 01/10

Auroras - women who create

Juquery's Women's Bowl

Mariana Moura

We are a family owned and operated business.


An extra-everyday female figure touches reality, born from the imagination of an internal artist with the encounter of the imagination of an artist in a state of social isolation.

Foto Grupo.JPG

09/26, 09/29 and 10/02


Beatriz Nauali, Camila de Souza and Yalla Thiago

Audio experiences, mixing the language of podcasts and radio theater. To and from the peripheral population. Art, information and dialogues between the population of our neighborhoods and groups.

Equipe Ouvidos Coloridos.jpg

09/26, 09/30 and 10/04

Radio Juquery

Colorful Ears

Cecilia Miglorancia, Di Amanacy, Lidia Aleixo and Mirela Schleetz

A radio bicycle will circulate around the city, telling you about the word Juquery! The river ... the complex ... and the memory of someone who lived a Juquery with affection.

aquarela Lilian Soarez
Lilian Soarez.jpg

as of 28/09


Lilian Soarez

From the production of 122 watercolor paintings produced by the artist Lilian Soarez, AquareLar remembers Life; yours and all those covered all these years by the Complexo Hospitalar do Juquery.




BarrÓka Collective

Stefanie Bertholini, Luiz Gonzaga, Illa Abreu and Jota Santana

The baroque, space belonging to Franco da Rocha, mixes with the history of its residents, crossed by Brazilian contradictions. The dance merges with the walls and alleys where a poetic video dance will be projected.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Letter to days that don't belong to me

Walter da Silva Albertin

"Letter to the days that do not belong to me" is a reinterpretation of the poem "I, Antonin Artaud", by Antonin Artaud. Through the projection of this short film in a building in the city of Franco da Rocha, we intend to reflect the contemporary psychological conditioning in technology, connected not only with the words and disorders of the psyche through time, but also with the means of transmission and its evils. It is to re-signify through visual symbology the daily imbalance in a dystopian future.

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