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Soy Loco por Ti Juquery is a festival of art and new media, free and open to the public, which proposes a cultural occupation of Complexo Hospitalar do Juquery, located in Franco da Rocha, São Paulo. In addition to workshops and conversation circles, the project also includes an artistic residency, which seeks to bring together different perspectives, languages ​​and artistic trajectories, crossed by the history of Juquery.


The festival, which made its debut in 2018, was created from the desire to reframe Juquery, recalling the fundamental role that art plays in its history due to the performance of the psychiatrist, art critic and musician from Paraíba. Osório Thaumaturgo César (1895-1979) at the institution, a pioneer in the use of art as a therapeutic tool in psychiatric treatment. The project also intends to contribute to the discussion about future plans for the use of its space by the population.

In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation, we created a new format for the festival to follow, Soy Loco em Casa.

From Juquery to the world, through virtual meetings that will discuss practices related to art and mental health. From Juquery to the homes of the people of Franco da Rocha and the region, through innovative formats that art allows to create. We are a responsible festival and encourage the creativity of our artists.


We wish you all well, healthy and with art!

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